A hand gesturing towards Syringe Service supplies including alcohol wipes, tourniquet, cookers, and syringes.
Prevention Point Philadelphia's syringe services program is one of the largest on the North American continent

As we expand, new site locations are being added and site times are being changed. Below is our current schedule. Please check back here for the most current information! 

Syringes are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 2913 Kensington Ave., Prevention Point Philadelphia's main building. On exchange days, used syringes can be returned in exchange for new ones at a rate of one-to-one. On emergency pack days, packs of a limited number of syringes and other safer use supplies are offered, but no returns are accepted. Syringe disposal and one-for-one exchange are available at all mobile syringe service sites.


Monday:       12 – 3:30pm *emergency packs*

Tuesday:      12 – 3:30 pm *exchange*

Wednesday: 12 – 3:30pm *emergency packs*

Thursday:     admin day for staff — no syringe service

Friday:          12 – 3:30pm *exchange*


Tuesday                    37th St. & Brown St.             1 pm – 3pm

                                  54th St. & Market St.             3:30pm – 5:30pm

Wednesday               Broad St. & Passyunk Ave    8:30am – 10:00am

                                  13th & Washington St.           10:30am –1pm

Thursday                   Frankford Ave. & Pratt St.     12pm – 2pm 

                                  11th St. & Indiana Ave.           2:30pm – 5pm

Saturday                    3rd St. & Girard Ave.             10:30am – 1pm

                                  10th St. & Fairmount Ave.       1:30pm – 3:30pm                   

For any further questions please call 267-254-9419 or contact Illaria at illaria@ppponline.org