Silvana Mazzella, BSW, MA – Interim Lead Executive Officer – 215-634-5272 ext. 1112 silvana@ppponline.org

Denise Botcheos, LCSW – Director of Behavioral Health Services – denisebo@ppponline.org

Ralph Bradley, MS, MPA – Lead Human Resource Officer – 267-624-6188 ralph@ppponline.org 

Chip Capelli – Lead Financial Officer – 215-461-1712 chip@ppponline.org

Andres Freire – Lead Program Officer for Medical and Behavioral Health Services – 215-287-7619 andres@ppponline.org

Dr. Amy Jessop, PhD, MPH – Director of Research and HepTREC – amy@ppponline.org

Viviana OrtizDirector of Drop-In Services – 215-634-5272

Katie Perch – Lead Program Officer for Housing and Harm Reduction Services – 215-634-5272 ext. 1106 katie@ppponline.org

Nicole Sage – Director of Clinical Operations – 215-301-1831 nicole@ppponline.org

Dr. Serge Emile-Simpson, MD – Director of Medical Services – serge.emile-simpson@ppponline.org

Dale Tippett – Director of Homeless Services – dale@ppponline.org

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