The Council of the City of Philadelphia is pleased and proud to recognize and honor the life and legacy of Paul Yabor for his lifelong dedication, advocacy, and service to the Kensington community.

Whereas, Paul Yabor devoted much of his life to HIV/AIDS and injection drug-user advocacy, where he volunteered with Prevention Point handing out clean needles to drug users in Kensington in the last 12 years; and

Whereas, Paul was known across the Philadelphia region as a tireless champion of the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS, and was involved in many related causes. He was a long-time member of ACT UP Philadelphia, and had become a member of the Pennsylvania State HIV Prevention Planning Board. He gave much of his energy to the work of Prevention Point Philadelphia, in addition to volunteering with Philly AIDS Thrift, the FIGHT Community Advisory Board, and countless other organizations; and

Whereas, Paul was an early member of the Campaign to Take Back Vacant Land, which led to the successful development of the Philadelphia Land Bank. His most recent activist goals were fighting for opiate overdose prevention methods, and for the establishment of safer consumption sites for active drug users. Paul was a formidable activist and his voice will surely be missed; and

Whereas, Paul advocated along with Dan Martino and Paul Cherashore, for safe, supervised injection sites against the hate, vitriol, and apathy some people have for addicts as they saw a continuing rising trend in overdoses throughout the City of Philadelphia; and

Whereas, Paul Yabor was quoted on his LinkedIn page stating "I live for my dreams and I dream with my eyes wide open. I see these dreams manifested in the sparkle of the eyes of children and in the eyes of sober souls who seek, desire and yearn to heal yesterday's nightmares and protect the slumber of tomorrow's dawn" a quote that many remember his legacy by; and

Whereas, Paul Yabor made a permanent and positive influence in the community, and was held in high esteem by all. Paul made a positive impact on the many people who were enriched by his wisdom and knowledge and his presence in the community will be sorely missed; and

Whereas, by virtue of this Citation, the Council of the City of Philadelphia hereby recognizes and honors the life and legacy of Paul Yabor. We commend Paul for his great work in the community, and extend the sincere respect and admiration of this legislative body.


Maria D. Quinones-Sanchez
Councilwoman, 7th District

Darrell L. Clarke, President

May 26, 2017