Three people hold a banner saying "one million" pairs of socks

The Joy of Sox presented their 1,000,000 pair of new socks to Prevention Point Philadelphia 

The two local non-profits are long-time supporters of communities that experience homelessness and poverty

Earlier this year, local non-profit organization The Joy of Sox® announced a new campaign entitled “Going for a Million in 2023” with the goal of collecting and distributing their one-millionth pair of new socks to individuals experiencing homelessness. Due to the generosity of their donors and supporters, they achieved this milestone last month during "SOCKtober" and officially presented their one-millionth pair of new socks to long-time partner Prevention Point Philadelphia on November 15. The ceremony was followed by a sock distribution to the local community, just in time for the colder weather. 

man has a sock on his hand with the word "Kensington" on the toe
Tom Costello had socks specially made for the "One Millionth" celebration at Prevention Point Philadelphia. Each sock has the word "Kensington" knit into the toe box. 

"Socks help people stay warm, stay healthy, and feel taken care of. And we really, really appreciate this," said Silvana Mazzella, Interim Lead Executive Officer at PPP. 

"We have over 15 programs in which thousands of participants from all walks of life receive services. These socks will be very impactful for them," said Viviana Ortiz, Director of Drop-in Services. "Most of our participants are housing insecure and socks make a big change for folks." 

PPP expresses our gratitude to Founder and Chief Sock Person Tom Costello, Jr. and his team of dedicated volunteers for their consistent support. We look forward to many more years of partnership.