Prevention Point Philadelphia (PPP) is thrilled to announce the launch of the Health Equity Projects and Research Center (HepTREC). Dr. Amy Jessop, a distinguished public health professional who served on PPP’s Board of Directors for two decades, was appointed as the new Director of Research and HepTREC. This initiative is made possible by a generous two-year, $500,000 donation from the Hohenwarter and Groves Family Fund of Lancaster, PA.

HepTREC is years in the making, as the Board of Directors and senior leadership have long recognized the importance and need to inform programs and policies affecting people facing substance use issues and poverty. The generous start-up grant will fund development of the critical infrastructure needed to sustain long-term internal research, and expand PPP’s capacity to partner with external researchers.

PPP extends our utmost gratitude to the Hohenwarter and Groves Family Fund for making this innovative new program possible. Through HepTREC, Dr. Jessop and everyone at PPP hope to learn how to better support harm reduction agencies and the communities they serve. For more information about partnering with HepTREC and research at PPP, please contact Dr. Amy Jessop at: