PAD CARES is a community hub operating within a harm reduction framework. The program meets clients where they are as they enroll in the program and engage in services.

PAD CARES (Case management, Assessment, Re-entry, Empowerment Services) focuses on complex case management for individuals with substance use disorder and mental health conditions, as well as justice-involved individuals. These individuals are most likely to have repeated arrests and incarcerations, and additionally represent two “latent classes” in the highest risk categories for fatal overdose. They face enormous challenges in returning to the community, including joblessness, homelessness, financial and food insecurity, and difficulty accessing and adhering to substance use and mental health treatment. Many have long histories of trauma and have limited social support in the community. Homelessness, substance use, and overdose put them at increased risk of violence. These factors limit their ability to re-integrate successfully, stabilize, and recover.

PAD CARES staff conduct ASAM level assessments, coordinate care to facilitate engagement and enrollment in substance and mental health treatment, and initiate linkages to community-based wellness and recovery supports. Staff additionally coordinate care to medical, behavioral, survival, housing, and other community resources for participants. 

The program will target outreach and enrollment to individuals with justice involvement. Justice-involved individuals include individuals who have either cycled through county correctional systems one or more times in a lifetime; who have been recently arrested but have received an alternative to incarceration via diversion and/or required engagement with the court system; or who have returned to the community from a corrections facility within the last 12 months. Staff also work with participants from the Accelerated Misdemeanor Program (AMP) and with Defenders Association to help individuals address active warrants.

Hours and location:
Monday-Friday, 8 am - 4 pm
707 E. Allegheny Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19134 


Office: 215-240-0885